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BrilliantTS understand market with smart hardware,
and plan to delight the world with software.


The smart electronic card savvy

In order to identify an additional value for our smart electronic card,
we've focused on the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Blockchain provides highly authentic security features by distributing ledgers on public platforms,
however, utilities for this technology such as, online exchange wallets, or web/app 'hot' wallets- are vulnerable to hack attacks
because the location where the key is stored for the online exchange wallet or 'hot' wallet is easily accessible online.

This has happened before in real life, and still happens on a day to day basis, and has resulted in tremendous losses.
Starting from the iconic crypto hack Mt.Gox of $460m theft, cryptocurrency exchange hacks surpassed $1.3 billion by 1Q 2019.

To avert future hacking attack threats, people need to start storing their private keys in offline hardware wallets.

This is what we've observed with regards to the new opportunity.

Though we lives in the 'Mobile first' era, almost all hardware wallets available in the market are only desktop friendly.
furthermore, desktops/laptops are inconvenient to carry around and require an extra hard case or bag.

Hackers penetrate vulnerabilities.
We thought, if everyday security is not secured, then nothing is secure at all.

A card-shaped smart electronic card could be the perfect solution for everyday crypto security.
With this, people can not only store their crypto securely similar to what hardware wallets like Ledger wallet series do,
but also conveniently manage or transfer their crypto assets anytime, anywhere like regular mobile 'hot' wallets.

FuzeW aims to provide usable-security for everyday crypto life.

With many years of experience in smart electronic card manufacturing and security, we'll utilize our crypto-savvy advisors's expertise to
continuously develop and expand our product to bring more advanced value that will enrich the everyday crypto life!


Dr. Moe Levin

CEO of Keynote

Ruslan Gavrilyuk

Co-Founder & President of TaaS Fund

Charlie Shrem

Founder of Crypto.IQ

Ismail Malik

CEO of ICO Crowd | Blockchain Lab

Roger Ver

CEO of

Esteban Van Goor

Managing Partner of Megalodon Capital

Leona Son

CEO of Chain B

Chansik Ahn

Attorney at HMP Law

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