FuzeW, A Security-Usability Compatible Hardware Bitcoin cash Wallet.

The best crypto wallet to store bitcoin cash secure  :  FuzeW

Security-Convenience compatible crypto wallet, FuzeW.

Up until now security and convenience have been mutually exclusive.
It is same when it comes to crypto wallets.

Software-based, mobile 'Hot' wallets are easy to carry and convenient to use,
but they are vulnerable to hacking attempts since they store seeds and private keys in network-accessible devices.

On the other hand, Hardware-based "cold" wallets like the Ledger nano S, is quite secure,
since it stores key data in an offline device, but it's inconvenient to carry and use
because it needs a desktop connection to send and manage assets.

Finally, there's a solution!

Security-Convenience compatible crypto wallet:
FuzeW - Secure as Ledger, Easy and Convenient as a mobile "Hot" wallet

FuzeW is a plastic, card-shaped hardware wallet that-
supports a wireless mobile connection via Bluetooth.

You can manage, send, and exchange your crypto assets anywhere securely
that to its proprietary app, W manager.

FuzeW now supports Bitcoin cash!

How to add your BCH to FuzeW

1. Connect your FuzeW with your mobile device via Bluetooth

2. Open "Add coin" by clicking Menu> Crypto wallet on the home screen.

3. Check "BCH" and click "Add to Coin List"

Done! You can now find your Bitcoin cash wallet on the home screen.