Security feature update: PIN code setting – FuzeW
The method of entering PIN code has been updated.
 To find new security features, please update the W Manager, the mobile app of FuzeW, and update FuzeW firmware as well.

*Android: 1.0.8, iOS: 1.0.9


Update features

1) Number of digits for PIN code: min 6 digits to max 10 digits 
-->  min 4 digits to max 10 digits
2) PIN code input screen: Display of all digits
-->  Display of only filled digits
3) The number that was randomly shown in PIN code input screen to each digit is fixed at 5.
Please press < button to select 4,3,2,1,0, and press > button to select 6,7,8,9.


How to change the PIN code

The minimum number of PIN code has been changed from 6 digits to 4 digits.
Please see the instruction below If you want to reset the PIN code.

1) Turn on the FuzeW and input existing PIN code.
* Bluetooth connection is not required; thus, you can select ‘NO’ button on the screen in Bluetooth connection screen.
2) Press <, > buttons together for 3 seconds to enter the setting menu.

3)Use the > button to select the Change PIN Code menu and press the O button to change PIN code.

4) Enter an existing PIN code.

5) Enter the new PIN code.

6) Re-enter the new PIN code.

7) When the setup is complete, the screen will return to the setting screen. Press the <, > buttons together to return to the coin list screen.

We’ll continue to make updates for your comfort.
Thank you for your interest and support.
Team FuzeW