FuzeW, Security-usability compatible hardware Ripple wallet.


FuzeW team is pleased to announce new coin support!


XRP will be supportable

in FuzeW starting from 13th, March 2019.


Please update W Manager (FuzeW mobile app) and add BCH wallet in your FuzeW.

Android: 1.0.12 / iOS: 1.0.14 


STEP1. FuzeW Firmware Update


1) Please turn on the FuzeW after W Manager update.

2) An update will start when the mobile app and FuzeW wallet are connected via Bluetooth.

* Firmware update may consume considerable power, thus please insert FuzeW into the charger before moving to the next step.



3) When the update is completed, FuzeW will reboot itself.

Please enter the PIN code to turn the FuzeW back on.


STEP2. Add coin into FuzeW

* Adding additional coin is only available when the W Manager app and FuzeW are connected via Bluetooth.
Please make sure the app and FuzeW are connected before proceeding.

1) Click the top left menu in W Manager app

2) Click the 'Cryptocurrency wallet' in the menu bar.

3) Click on the 'Add coin' tab and you will see XRP at the top of the list. Click on the checkbox and add coin & token.

After that, click 'Add to coin list' button to complete.

4) You will be able to check XRP has been added to the list of wallets in W Manager app main screen and as well as FuzeW e-display.




We’ll continue to make updates .


Thank you for your interest and support.


Team FuzeW