How to choose best bitcoin wallet? Ledger nano S VS FuzeW VS Coolwallet S

How to choose the best bitcoin wallet?

Comparison  of the crypto hardware wallets based on security and mobility.

By now you probably know that the most secure way you can store your Bitcoins and/or
other cryptocurrencies is through the use of secure hardware wallets.

The need for a hardware wallet has been further emphasized
as the theft of crypto assets by hacking has proliferated,
and hardware wallets of various forms and functions have been released over time.

Born in the market flood of crypto hardware wallets,
FuzeW was specifically designed for the following types of users:


A careful individual
who wants the highest level of crypto security


A smart individual who wishes to check
and manage his or her assets at anytime (24/7).


The kind of man who looks good in an angular Armani suit

The table below shows what kind of benefits the product offers,
and compares how effective they are compared to competing products'.

Let us compare the leading USB type cold wallets, the Ledger NanoS,
FuzeW, and other similar products.

Keep your assets completely offline

Both seed generation and wallet recovery take place on the Secure Element IC,
which is mounted inside the FuzeW terminal.
Be prepared for the threat of hacking by completely blocking
the external exposure of the recovery words.

The SEIC used in FuzeW is the highest rated financial application security standards EAL 5+ certified product.

Learn more : Security

Real-time tracking and managing

The FuzeW's manager app W Manager will update the Instant Swap Exchange (2019.03)
and asset portfolio functionality.
Track and manage (send) your assets in real time.

Fits in pocket wallet

Letting your wallet bulging out from the back pocket of your angular Armani suit is a big no-no.
Wearing a string necklace doesn't look good on you, either...
A guy with an edge like you would look much better
with FuzeW casually pulled out of your luxury wallet kept in the jacket pocket.
Shining in your wallet, FuzeW will help you manage your assets safely
and conveniently whether you're working in an office or sunbathing in a sandy beach.

Support QR on display

When receiving wired money in person or buying crypto through Bitcoin ATM,
take out the FuzeW out of your nice wallet and turn it on.
Scan the QR shown on the display and that's it.
Even when you're up for a wire transfer, let the card take care of it.

FuzeW is a Bluetooth-linked crypto hardware wallet that works with mobile apps
to provide the most secure management and wire transfer service
for your assets anytime, anywhere.

It's also the same size as traditional plastic cards and has the right size
and weight for any wallet, making it easy to carry wherever you go.
With its luxury design, FuzeW is the perfect hardware wallet
for a stylish guy like you.