FuzeW, A Security-Usability Compatible Hardware Dash Wallet.

The best crypto wallet to store Dash secure  :  FuzeW

Security-Convenience compatible crypto wallet, FuzeW.

Up until now security and convenience have been mutually exclusive.
It is same when it comes to crypto wallets.

Software-based, mobile 'Hot' wallets are easy to carry and convenient to use,
but they are vulnerable to hacking attempts since they store seeds and private keys in network-accessible devices.

On the other hand, Hardware-based "cold" wallets like the Ledger nano S, is quite secure,
since it stores key data in an offline device, but it's inconvenient to carry and use
because it needs a desktop connection to send and manage assets.

Finally, there's a solution!

Security-Convenience compatible crypto wallet:
FuzeW - Secure as Ledger, Easy and Convenient as a mobile "Hot" wallet

FuzeW is a plastic, card-shaped hardware wallet that-
supports a wireless mobile connection via Bluetooth.

You can manage, send, and exchange your crypto assets anywhere securely
that to its proprietary app, W manager.

How to add your Dash wallet to FuzeW.

1. Connect your FuzeW with your mobile device via Bluetooth

2. Open "Add coin" by clicking Menu> Crypto wallet on the home screen.

3. Check "Dash" and click "Add to Coin List"

Done! You can now find your Dash wallet on the home screen.

How to use promo code for Dash holders.

1. Click "Buy now" on the product detail screen.

2.Add your promo code in the field. 

3.Proceed to checkout by entering your contact information, address, and payment details.