FuzeW, 0.84mm Wireless Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

Keep bitcoin secure with you,
wherever you are.

0.84mm wireless hardware wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies

BUY Now $99

Supported coins

Keep assets offline

* EAL 5+ certified
   Secure IC Chip.


* Bluetooth enabled.
* Mobile app 'W Manager'.


* 1047 Coins and Tokens

Secure otp

* Comparable to Google OTP.
* Keep and generate OTP offline.


Impenetrable crypto storage.

Online exchanges and wallet providers are susceptible to hacking.
Starting with the iconic crypto hack Mt.Gox of $460million theft, cryptocurrency exchange hacks surpassed $1.3billion by 1Q 2019.

Store your bitcoin securely offline where hackers can't access.

Keep your assets secure offline!

Keep your digital assets safe and secure offline,
with a EAL5+ certified, secure element IC
which meets the highest rating of financial application security standards.

Completely isolated and independent

Seed generation, Passphrase entry
and Device recovery are all isolated
within the FuzeW card device, and independent
from the online platform.

Always with you. For 'everyday' security.

FuzeW is designed for people who want to manage their crypto assets the smart way 24/7.
The market changes every second. Your hardware wallet should be tightly attached to you and be able to respond when change happens.

Supports mobile connections

FuzeW can connect to your laptop and mobile device
via a Bluetooth connection.
You can transfer anywhere, whether you’re at home or outside.

Thin, 0.84mm -ISO Standard-

With the ISO standard width of a normal credit card,
the FuzeW fits into any wallet, so you can carry it
with you wherever you go.

IP68 grade water & dust proof

Made to ensure IP68 grade water and dust proof quality.
Your assets are securely protected from the elements,
anywhere you go.

Manage your assets with 'W Manager'

Simply connect your card. send or exchange your coins with a push of button.

Available on Play Store and App Store.

Supports multiple cryptocurrencies.

+1047 Coins and tokens including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, DOGE, XRP and ERC20
are already supported with more being added every month.

See all the supported coins listFuzeW-supported coins

It's not that difficult!
We can help you.

Are you unfamiliar with the use of hardware wallet?
You are always welcome to join our community.
Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime you have any inquiries or need assistance.

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FuzeW Hardware Wallet
FuzeW Hardware Wallet

FuzeW Hardware Wallet

[Custom Edition] FuzeW Hardware Wallet
[Custom Edition] FuzeW Hardware Wallet

[Custom Edition] FuzeW Hardware Wallet


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